Change Refresh Time For Admin Statistics

I have my forum working perfectly, but I’m going to eventually monetize the forum (basically renting out categories for a lower price than VPS hosting).

My issue is that I need to track page views in real time, but the admin panel seems to update at random (usually taking between 45 minutes to an hour). EDIT: I timed it, and it appears to be 30 minute intervals.

[quote] admin panel


How can I set the interval between each refresh? I really want it to refresh the admin panel every 1-5 minutes or so, if that’s at all possible.

You should look towards Google Analytics for fine grained / real-time statistics.

I will look into that, but I need moderators to be able to look into this as well. If I setup Google Analytics in the admin settings will the information be available to my moderators when I’m not available?

Google Analytics is its own service - it does allow multiple users to be allowed either read-only or read-write access - you have to individually add their Google account email addresses.


I see, thanks for that information! I’ll get right to work on implementing it.