Include anonymous users in site stats

The site stats in admin panel could do with a redesign. By providing a just a few key metrics there we could reduce the need to use google analytics etc. for many forum owners and provide them with better data to understand and develop their forums.

Why do I use google analytics? Mainly because it gives us info about total amount of site visitors, including anonymous users. I don’t really understand the “users visits” currently. I suppose it’s counting only logged in visitors.

Including anonymous users in the stats and especially if we could get something like reading time that I proposed in another topic, would give clear, easy to understand set of basic metrics for forum owners about the state of their forum without needing GA or other analytics suites.


Can you mock-up what you would like to see there?

Sorry for no mockup, I don’t have an install in English at hand.

On the admin dashboard, there is a row labeled “visits”. First of all, what are these numbers? Logged in user visits?

I’d like to see three rows there.

  • total visits
  • logged in user visits
  • anonymous user visits

Also I’d like to see the columns changed to number of visits during the past 7 days and 30 days, not 7 days ago or 30 days ago. When clicked, they could show the numbers for each day in that period.