Change the Default Social Sharing Image for the Main Forum Homepage

Hello! I’ve been trying to figure out how to update the default OG image for Pantheon’s Community Forum homepage. I had read through the existing thread on updating social sharing images for topics (which you can edit on your Discourse Forum site at /admin/site_settings/category/branding), but didn’t see anything about the main Forum landing page itself. See below for what I see if I try to share the main link to Pantheon’s Discourse Forum site on Twitter (looks like the image needs to be updated, as it’s pulling an existing logo file as the social share image, but it’s not cropped correctly.

Let me know if anyone can assist! And also, if you know the right dimensions for the social share image, let me know. Thanks!


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to set a unique image to be used when a link to your site’s homepage is shared on social media. The image that you set for your site’s opengraph image setting will be used both for the site’s homepage, and for any topics that don’t include images that are shared.

An aspect ratio similar to 1200px x 630px seems to be ideal for the image.