Change Timestamp only for admin?

(Manfred Bayer Lemerz) #1


When I use the timestamp as admin it works fine.

But as Moderator or User with user level 4 the user sees the menu item as above but when he wants to change the date the error message “There was an error changing the timestamp of the topic.” pops up.

As we have a couple oif user which are reenter topics from the old board software we would need this feature also for user with user level 4!



(Sam Saffron) #2

This is a bug cause if the option does not work for mod we should not even display the option

(Manfred Bayer Lemerz) #3

Or a feature we would like to have the option that user with user level 4 can change the timestamp of a posting.

(Bianca) #4

This pull requests shows the change timestamp button only for administrators.

According to the backend, only administrators can change post timestamps.

(Alan Tan) #5

This has been merged. Thanks @nbianca

(Alan Tan) #6