Unexpected outcome when changing timestamp on a post via the UI

I’m sure this doesn’t come up often but I have been trying change the timestamp on a post via the UI and seeing an unexpected outcome.

As a site admin I am going into a topic, clicking the wrench for a single post [in this case there is only 1 post in the topic] and clicking “Change Timestamp”. The modal pops up and allows me to select a date and time [I’m choosing something in the past]. I then press the “change timestamp” button and it returns to my post listing. What I notice is that it takes the time I put into the modal but it seems to always set the date to current (today). Is anyone else seeing this?

(I am running 2.4.0 beta 10)


Yes, I noticed it the other day. The Discourse team is aware of the issue and a fix for it will be implemented soon.


This has been fixed in:

Thanks for report.