Making change timestamp (or at least “unbump”) available to mods

I think the point (made in an earlier closed topic) about mods having access to “change timestamp” is a sound one.

Personally I’ve found the tool a bit unwieldy (its a bit hard to understand what the outcome will look like), but it is essential as a way of “unbumping” a topic - that is, reverting the last change to the topic’s “modification” date, so that it drops down the homepage list.

I’d appreciate if mods could have access to this feature, or at least a simple “unbump” feature.

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This is not the intent of the feature. The intent is to move the entire topic forward or backward in time, not as a kludgey way to “un-bump” a topic. Completely different intent.

Also don’t link to topics that are scheduled to be deleted in 5 hours.

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