Change to using %{inviter_name} in locale files may have broken email templates

I’m not entirely sure when I did my last update (so I don’t know when this issue started), but I was contacted by one of our moderators today to say that some of the people she’d invited recently had messaged her to say that the invitation read just:

translation missing: en.invite_forum_mailer.text_body_template

I hadn’t changed my mailing templates for some weeks so I had to do a bit of research on Meta, and turned up this thread which suggested that the templating system will reoprt this error if it can’t find the right key in the locale files.

When I looked at and did some test edits on my email templates, I got the error:


And I know that %{invitee_name} has only just been changed to %{inviter_name} because I reported it as an issue and I saw the commit last week:

So if you are getting weird locale/translation missing errors on your invitations it could be caused by this. It’s easily fixed by changing %{invitee_name} to %{inviter_name} in all your invite templates (‘Invite Forum Mailer’, ‘Invite Mailer’, ‘Custom Invite Forum Mailer’, and ‘Custom Invite Mailer’).

It may only affect people who have edited their stock invite templates, as I have.

I’m on v1.9.0.beta15 +167


@techAPJ is there something we can do to help people here, or will they simply need to update their templates manually?


Maybe we should remove invalid translation overrides after upgrading Discourse.
Bonus: Notify admins about the removed translation overrides.


We should fix this @techAPJ


Fixed via:

Thanks for reporting this issue @pacharanero :+1:


Thanks for fixing it so quickly @techAPJ! :discourse:

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