Unable to change the content of bulk invite message

Hi all,

While testing to bulk invite users to our Discourse (version 2.8.9), I found that an update to the template in Invite Forum Mailer is not being reflected in the emails sent.

I’m following the instructions on post Send Bulk User Invites to update the Invite Forum Mailer i.e. <domain>/admin/customize/email_templates/invite_forum_mailer. I have tried CSV file with variations below without success:

  • email
  • email,group-name
  • email,group-name,topic_id (this one should be from Invite Mailer template)

The email content delivered has stayed to the previous version.

I thought this was related to Changes to email templates not saving , but my changes are actually being saved (there is no error on saving, and I can reload the template page and will get my changes again)

Do I need to reset any processes that are caching the old template content ? If so, what is that process ?
Is there a bug in the code ?

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Hi future travellers,

After an investigation, I have finally figured this out. The email template is saved per locale.

Another admin user and myself have set our Discourse locale to UK english, and another admin user has set the locale to default. Our Discourse locale is US english.

When I changed the template, the other admin could see my changes but the emails would still utilise the US locale template. It showed no error when saving, but confusing outcome nonetheless.

The solution was to change my client locale in <domain>/community/forums/u/<user>/preferences/interface to match the server locale which US or set back to default.


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