Change topic author from 'system' to someone else

Is it possible to change the topic author from ‘system’ to someone else?

I have updated and want to change these auto-created pages -

Terms of Service, Privacy etc…

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Yes, you can change the owner of any post on Discourse. To change the owner of a topic, you just need to change the owner of the first post in the topic.

To do this, first select the post:

Then click the ‘change ownership’ button:

Those pages are displayed differently than most Discourse topics. By default, the topics are created in your Staff category, but they are not viewed by users from within that category. When users visit your Terms of Service and Privacy pages, they will not see the system user displayed as the author of the content.


Just to add, these pages are attributed to system because people come and go, but system is forever.


And since this is about changing ownership for a single post only, there is a simpler method:

  1. Click the three-dots menu button “” below the post of which you want to change ownership.

  2. Click the wrench icon from the menu that will appear.

  3. Click “Change Ownership”, enter the new owner and confirm.

You need to be a staff user (moderator or admin) to see this feature.


Can the topic ownership be changed at the time of posting? So that the post never shows the original ownership.