Change ownership of a topic

It’s kinda annoying that you can’t change the ownership of the auto-seeded category definition topics for Meta or Lounge.

Can you either:

  • Use site_contact_username as the topic creator
  • Provide a mechanism for an admin to change ownership of a post

@neil does that make sense, to make site_contact_username the owner of these? But they’d get seeded pretty early, which means that value might not be set up correctly at the time Discourse is installed, too…

No that doesn’t make sense. When the db is created for the first time, those categories are created. Why is it annoying that the generic system user is the creator? If you want a custom avatar to appear there, you can impersonate the system user and upload a new avatar for it.

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Okay then. As you people have said before, 90% of your feedback will be crap.

And I’m not one of those weirdos who are afraid of being wrong :wink:


Moderators are creating some topics that I would want to move all to the system user later, and then assign it a custom avatar - actually the logo of our community website. So I’m the one who will use this feature if it is available.

By the way, this feature is currently implemented.

There has been discussion of moving it to the per-post admin wrench menu. If anyone feels like taking that on, feel free :wink:


It definitely needs to be moved to the per post admin wrench, we just did not have that when it was implemented.

Has this option been removed? Can’t find it under the option above or the wrench…

It is only available for Admins. You must use the Wrench at the side of the topic, choose Select Posts, select a post, and then it appears.

Isn’t that the option to change owner of a post? I don’t know of any way to change the owner of the topic itself. That person’s avatar image still displays in things like /latest even if all the posts in the topic were changed to a new owner.

Changing the owner of the first post seems to do that… I just tested it, works in my VM (shows the change correctly on Latest too).

Hmm, some progress, but still strange: With latest code from today, it changes the first poster, but keeps the original author of the top post as “most recent poster” … even when the topic only has 1 post as the above example. :sadpanda:

Yeah … the feature works, but is broken as designed will be fixed properly with: