Change user likes weight based on expertise level

Hey all,

My site has skill levels for users based on their expertise in a particular topic. Users can share their work, receive an evaluation and then rise up the levels if their work is good. For the users that have demonstrated skills, I want to give their likes more weight than likes from someone who has not.

I noticed the likes weight feature for staff but I was wondering if there is a way to give extra weight to some users. May be I can create a group of qualified users and assign weight to that group?

Is this possible? If not, is there is a workaround?

Every user’s judgement is not equal in a community and people who know what they are doing should have more say than people who don’t. That’s the premise of my request and would appreciate your insights on how to incorporate this attribute in the forum design.

Thank you!


It should be possible in a plugin. Without looking, I’m guessing it’s 1 to 3 hours work.


Thanks Jay. I have been building extensively on WordPress and now slowly getting a hang of Discourse. I am going to try to write my own plugin and follow the following process:

  • Every user as a score associated with their account in WP

  • I am going to call that score using API and use it to assign weight to likes given to a user. A few if statements should do it.

  • Based on the final weighted value, I will update the score for the user in WP and from there the cycle continues.

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I think what you want to do is to override the update_counters fucntion in post_action.rb. You’ll need to do that in a plugin.

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