ChangeName Error for admin with SSO

(Logan Mathews) #1

When attempting to edit the original admin account’s username (SSO is enabled but not used for this user), the following error was created

Uncaught TypeError: this.get(...).changeUsername is not a function
Url: /discourse/views/preferences-username
Line: 18
Column: 43
Window Location:

(Robin Ward) #2

Is the user deleted or anything unusual like that? I just tried to change my name locally and it worked fine.

(Logan Mathews) #3

Nope. The user hasn’t been deleted or modified in any way.

(Logan Mathews) #4

Here’s the env log:

TypeError: this.get(...).changeUsername is not a function
at __exports__.default.Ember.View.extend.keyDown (/discourse/views/preferences-username:18:43)
at EmberObject.extend.trigger (/production/ember:39524:25)
at apply (/production/ember:19209:27)
at superWrapper [as trigger] (/production/ember:18780:15)
at Object.merge.handleEvent (/production/ember:39739:23)
at CoreView.extend.handleEvent (/production/ember:41827:34)
at (/production/ember:195:27)
at Object.Backburner.join (/production/ember:218:27)
at (/production/ember:17510:30)
at __exports__.default.EmberObject.extend._bubbleEvent (/production/ember:37392:20)

(Robin Ward) #5

Are you hitting enter rather than clicking the button? It might be that simple!

(Robin Ward) #6

Confirmed and fixed. The bug was the enter key to submit the form was broken:

(Régis Hanol) #7