Changes to keyboard shortcuts for bulk select actions

We just merged a change to some keyboard shortcuts relating to bulk actions and dismissing topics: A11Y: Update bulk selection keyboard shortcuts by pmusaraj · Pull Request #26069 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

This adds an easier way to select topics in the bulk select topic list but it also replaces the previous shortcuts that deal with dismissing topics (which warrants this mini-announcement). The changes are the following:

  • Shift+b now toggles bulk select mode
  • as always, once bulk select mode is enabled you can move between topics with j and k
  • pressing x now allows you to select/deselect the current topic
  • dismissing the selected topics can now be done with Shift+d (previously, the keyboard shortcut for this action was x r for new topics and x t for unread topics)

For the more visually-inclined, here’s an illustration of the changes: