Changes to which reactions 👍 are counted as likes ❤

Hello :wave:

Thanks for this change. This is something that I really missed. :heart:

I’ve enabled the discourse_reactions_like_sync_enabled 10 days ago. Now, it makes all :heart: related badge, etc… available to rename it to reaction? I mean for example there are the Gives back, Good Topic or other likes related badges now should be named reactions in there description and the First Like should be first reaction and the first reaction badge should be removed or vica versa because now it means the same.

Of course these are only if the reactions plugin installed.

Same thing with Discourse Gamification, now it can score the reactions too so the likes rate will means reactions.
Etc… Probably there are more places where this can be confuse.

Am I thinking good at this?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: