Changing a warning message

First off, THANKS to the Discourse team. We moved our system over, and the users in the course are thrilled. It saved the day.

Now, another question, if you don’t mind:

This message: WARNING: you reached the limit of 10 daily emails. Further email notifications will be suppressed.

Comes as a result of this feature:

I like this feature, but the message makes it sound like the user did something wrong. It contains the unhappy words: warning, limit and suppressed.

Can an admin change this wording locally? I’ve searched our settings, but no luck.

If not, can I suggest:

Heads up: We send a maximum of 10 emails a day. Check the site to see the ones that might be held back.

Thanks… go Discourse!


You can customise all text on discourse by going to your admin panel, customize, text content

Type reached_limit into the search box and you should find what you’re looking for.


perfect. Thanks @david


OK, it was a bit tough to come up with something that avoided all three of these words, but I tried to describe the benefit up front:

To protect your inbox, we’ve temporarily put email notifications on hold for today, as the maximum of %{count} per day was reached.

In reality we’re protecting everyone here, not just the user, as sending a ton of email causes spam-like problems in reporting, volume, traffic, etc. Also when self-hosting you do get charged per email, so it’s not free.

sorry, I forgot to post what we did. I may not be able to code, but sometimes, I write good:

Heads up: We send a maximum of 10 daily emails. Check the site to see the ones that might be held back. PS thanks for being popular!


Pure :trophy:, I’ll replace it with that copy now!


Keep in mind, out-of-the-box, we will send up to 100 emails a day, it sounds like you decreased max emails per day per user in the site settings to 10. Which is totally fine and up to you.

With such a low limit I would recommend adding a small note about how Discourse has a “mobile app” that supports push notifications. That way people that want more frequent notifications have a way to get them.


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