Split e-mail rate limit between notification and mailing-list mode

I just got a report from a user who is using discourse primarily via the “mailing list” mode, that he had hit the 100 e-mails per day limit.

From my understanding the setting max emails per day per user applies to all e-mails that discourse sends out. Would it be possible to split that setting into max notification emails per day per user and max mailing list emails per day per user? For the latter category I would like to make it unlimited (to be as close as possible to the mailing list use-case), and for users who primarily use the web frontend a limit of 100 e-mails seems sensible.

Why? This is mostly about limiting your financial downside if you are charged per thousand emails. It is also a little bit of a sanity check for users so they don’t accidentally click on a bunch of stuff and bury themselves in emails. If you run your own mail server you can safely set this limit as high as you like.

Re protecting users: From what I can tell people who have the mailing list feature enabled, would like to get all the e-mails. So there are two different use-cases her. One where I would like to set a protective limit and one where they intentionally opted out.

Re limiting financial downside:
We are actually running on discourse.org provided hosting and I was wondering if there is a limit on the number of e-mails you support. I couldn’t find any mention on https://payments.discourse.org/buy/.


Nope, there’s no limit to e-mail volume on our hosted plans.