How to limit emails from forum?

We are having problems with emails.
The account used for sending SMTP is being shutting down for sending too many emails.
They consider it spam (it is not spam just notifications of responses).

I am trying to reduce the number of emails.
For example sending a daily notification for responses instead sending an email each time someone replies to a thread you created.

But there are many options, that I don’t understand well.

I would like to stablish a daily resume notifications instead of sending an email after somebody response to your post, if your are not connected, and daily notifications for private messages.



Hope all is well.

Go to your settings menu and search for digest


and you will find many setting to adjust here to help you out.


Yes I have seen lots of params about email.

What you mention is to adjust how the digest is sent.

But I want to disable the sending of mails after each reply.
By default each user is sent an email after it has a reply.

I would like to change that, at least for users that have not selected that explicitly.

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Then you might find joy in the notifications settings:


For example, take a look at these settings @ariznaf

Might be a good idea to look at all of these settings @ariznaf, no only the settings in the image above.

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What do you mean by that? Are you using a recommended email service like Mailgun or Sendgrid?

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No, we are using an account from our supplier.
Mailgun is not free.
The problem is not the configuration, discourse sends correctly.
The problem is out mail supplier sending mail from a IP that is blaclisted and considering our email spam (due in part to too many emails in a day).

So we want to reduce the number of emails from discourse.
I want to configure email to send just daily resumes, not an email each tiem somebody gets a response.
At leaste that would be the desired default criteria. Most people does not change the deaults.

@neounix thank you I will try to change that parameters.
I think those are what we are looking for. There are menay and I did not remember were the default mailing optoins were.

But I don’t find how to stablish a daily email resume with responses to your threads.

I only can see to send email always, when you are not online or never.
I would like to send a daily mail with the list of threads that have new answers and updated threads to which you are subscribed.

Is it possible?

Hi @ariznaf

Unless you are willing and able to write a plugin, you are constrained by the current discourse settings, at this time.

First, I would spend some time with the current digest settings and see if you can tweak them to get something close to what you are hoping for.

If something is really important to your business model, you might consider hiring one of the plugin developers here. If you can clearly state your requirements, they can give you a quote over at the meta marketplace.

Maybe “throw those guys a bone” , as we used to say :dog2: :dog2: :dog2: :heart:

Plugin developers need love too :slight_smile:

I have no buisseness model at all.
We are not a busssiness, just a small non profit association with interest in photography.
No budget for hiring anybody.
We dedicated a lot of hours to maintain the forum for free.

I have thought that there was a daily summary option, but may be it is ghost blog or other system.

I will just disable email notifications by default and see if we can fix email problems with the host provider.
They do say nothing about message limits and we are not such a big forum, we do not generate thousands of emails a day.

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That where we are in our forum.

We have disabled all email notifications as well, but we are still working on fine tuning some encoding issues between an old legacy forum and the new one.

When we decide to enable digests, we may go for weekly digests only for those who have visited the site within a few weeks; and have not thought about notification emails yet; but we may just disable them.

I think users can set preferences about these “following a topic” notifications. No?

OBTW, here is the user_options table description in the DB. Maybe there is something there which catches your attention?

For @ariznaf

Yes users can change the notification options on their own.
Most of them do not even know that they can. Others just don’t bother about it.

Nowadays email is being a headache. It is not a reliable system any more.

The problem is that discourse depends upon email heavily. If email does not work users won’t be able to check in.

I don’t have such a deep knowing about discourse to get access to the database and analyze user options in the users table.

I had thought that there were email digests in discourse, but it seems there is not such an option.
Not strange that I could not find it.