Changing close date on a poll inside ninja edit period is not applied

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a post and add poll
  • set ‘Automatically close poll’ to 5 min in the future
  • publish post (poll displays ‘Closes in 5 minutes’)
  • edit post inside 5 minutes and change close date to next day
  • save edit (poll now displays ‘Closes in a day’)
  • after 5 minutes poll closes anyway (poll still displays ‘Closes in one day’)

You can’t edit poll attributes like style, etc.

This all comes from a, in hindsight, bad choice we made of picking bbcode for the poll syntax, which in turns makes it a pain to parse and extend the attributes over the years.

@CvX was working on poll attributes recently right?


I’m not sure I understand? One can edit the poll for the first 5 minutes, it’s just that when the close poll date is set, the sidekiq job is created, and is not updated with the edited time?

Perhaps this will show what happens:

  • :+1:
  • :-1:

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After 5 minutes

I expected that it would change the sidekiq job in the same way the topic timer does, when the date is changed?

You can add vote options, but for the most part the poll attributes, aka stuff inside this red box:

isn’t really update-able because of the parsing issues.


OK, now it makes sense. So the only way to ‘edit’ those settings is to delete the poll and recreate it.