Changing, "let's welcome them to the community" message for new users


I’m just wondering if there is a way to change this message that appears at the top of topics when a new user makes their first post?

I run a bereavement community and have received feedback that “welcoming” a user is insensitive so it would be good to change it to something more in line with our tone of voice.

I can’t find this anywhere in settings.

Thank you!


You can customise the text from your /admin/customize/site_texts page, and the string you’re looking for is :+1:

As a general tip, you can type a key part of the text you’re looking to replace into the search box on that page and it should bring up the one you want. :slight_smile:

There is also the returning user post notice, though I don’t think that one sounds like it will be as sensitive - but it’s if you need it. And you can adjust what trust levels can see them using the new user notice tl and returning user notice tl admin settings:

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Thanks so much! That’s exactly what I was after :slight_smile:


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