How to change the welcome topic

Hello everyone,
And sorry in advance for this basic question, but it seems I can’t find a solution after looking into this support forum.

I want to change this text in the red frame (setup during the install) :

I have spotted the text in the dashboard when searching for " discourse_welcome_topic.body"
But the editable text it’s starting with “The first paragraph”…

Which means I don’t have the beginning of the post “Just be nice to each other.”…
Searching for this very text “Just be nice to each other.” doesn’t help :sleepy: Zero result

What am I missing ? Where can I edit this text ?

Thanks for the help

That field is used to create the topic when you first run through the wizard.

It’s appended to whatever you write. You can just edit the topic directly. Click on the ellipses (…) and then the pen icon to edit it like any other post.

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By editing the post? :hushed:

Then hide revisions… Or just do what Stephen said

Thanks @Stephen for the help!

Just to make it clear, if I edit the whole post like this (in the editor), will it viewed by every new visitors ?

I understand when I edit in the settings " discourse_welcome_topic.body" since it’s a template.

Sorry for these basics questions. Learning everything…

Editing the template won’t affect anything as the post has already been generated.

Edit the topic at will and everyone will see the updates.

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It is a public topic so yes it will be visible.

Thanks @ondrejj , yes I did what Stephen indicated. I thought editing the post right there wouldn’t apply to everyone. Trying to catch all the settings :slight_smile:

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You can always create a new user and visit your site in an incognito tab to experience what they do.

It’s a really worthwhile practice to ensure your users are seeing what you expect.

If your site is visible to anonymous users you can also obviously check a lot without needing to log in.

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Wow fast replies and I understand more the logic here.

Last question, since you’re both here :slight_smile:

Is it the same logic for the “Greetings” bot ?

The text in your settings will change what appears in any future conversations with the bot. Each PM conversation is unique.

Think of him as a lazy penpal, photocopying the same letter and sending it to every user. Hand him a new letter and he starts sending that one instead.

It won’t change conversations created by the bot using the old text. What was said will stay as-is.


OK I understand.
Well thanks @Stephen (and @ondrejj) for the help !


Love this explanation.

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Over the past few years I’ve had to come up with a number of analogies to explain technology, Discourse in particular.

While the software is getting more elegant and sophisticated, we’re reaching a much broader user base, the median “tech level” of audiences is actually declining. A testament to how simple the interfaces are becoming.

Last night I watched a chef teach self-isolating retirees how to cook via video conference :astonished:


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