Changing post owner doesn't receive welcome prompt message

If the owner of a post that was created by a new member of the community is changed to a user who’s posted before then the

This is the first time [username] has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

message is still displayed on the post & the username that’s displayed in the message changes to the new owner’s.

The message should either only be displayed if the new owner is posting for the first time as well or not be displayed at all.

To reproduce the issue:

  • Create a new user account and post from that account

  • The welcome prompt message is displayed above the post

  • Change the owner of the post to a user who has already posted

  • The welcome prompt message is still displayed above the post

This is expected, the notice is attached at the time of post.

I suggest you should delete the post and post again, if you want the notice removed plus ownership changed.


Ok, that’d take a bit more time but it would work in my situation.

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