Post ownership change modal shows misleading warning

Continuing the discussion from When changing post owner, notifications still sent from/to original owner:

My understanding from the above topic was that notifications now work correctly when post ownership is changed. But the modal for changing post ownership still shows a warning that this is not the case:


Presumably, the warning should be removed.

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This is not a bug – the warning is correct.

Note that any notifications about this post will not be transferred to the new user retroactively.

The key word is “retroactively”. Yes, all new notifications will be associated with the new user, but existing notifications will still show up with the previous username.


Oh, okay. Then I’ll turn it into a UX issue. Although you are right that it says “retroactively” and the exact meaning of that is that old notifications will not be transferred, I did not interpret it like that. Why would one expect notifications that have already be sent out to be transferred to the new owner? Since only admins can change ownership, I see no risk for that someone would think so.

Anyway, how about changing the copy to something like

Note that the old owner will stop receiving notifications immediately and the new owner will receive all future notifications about this post.


I agree the copy here was mega, MEGA redundant and I have simplified it considerably:

Thanks for the feedback @tophee.