Changing slug of a category?

If I change a slug of a category do I have to do baking, cooking or other mystical things or shall internal linking work out of the box?

I may do basic error of end users, asking wron question, and maybe I should explain why I want to change slugs.

The reason is Discourse AI.

I have few two worded categories and slugs are like general-chat. No matter what I do GPT can’t find those categories and is offering the first word, as general.

So the issue must be dash and if I eliminate it using form generalchat it works — but it is harder to read for humans when they are linking categories.


  • as a general info: can I change category slugs how and when I want
  • as a special issue: could AI undestand slugs including dash

It will “just work”. Categories are not identified by their slug but by their id.


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Same thing than topics. Ok. One reason for stress (little overdramatic…) is gone.

So now I’m trying to weight need of users and AI’s ability to see those see categories (quick fix is adjust prompt…)

Dash, hyphen and all kind of lines… But I found the issue. Surpise: it was my prompt. I tried fix grammar error of GPT that broke category links and I didn’t realise how effective my prompting was.

Sorry about hazzle, but the value of this lesson was, for me anyway, how damn difficult artform prompting is.

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