Changing the avatar flair of an automatically added group

(ひさし) #1

How do I change the avatar of a moderator group added automatically?

Even if I look at the group setting screen, I can not find a place to change avatar.

I want to set it like the image below

(Simon Cossar) #2

It is not possible to add an avatar flair to an automatic group. If you would like to have an avatar flair image for your moderators, you will need to add them to a custom group. This is how the Discourse logo is added to members of the ‘team’ group on meta.

(ひさし) #3

I see!

However, I made a custom group, put an icon and an icon is displayed on the image preview, but when I look at the topic, the group icon is not displayed at the lower right.

What should I improve?

(ひさし) #4

I set the avatar in a custom group, but the avatar still does not attach to the group member icon of the topic.:thinking:

:point_down: means “Image preview”.

(ひさし) #5

I have not solved this problem yet …


You will need to make sure that the custom group that has the avatar flair is the primary group of all its members.

Here is a how-to topic with the full steps for what you need to do: