Avatar flair image not visible for 'Staff' Group

I wish to display the flair image along with avatars of all the members of the ‘staff’ group. I’ve uploaded a custom image, but it does not show up on along with the avatars of the members of Staff group.

Would appreciate if someone can guide me on how to display the flair image in all the posts made by our staff. Thank you in advance.

Hi Kaustubh, welcome on meta :slight_smile:

As far as I know, flairs appear only if the group is set as a “primary group”.

edit: it seems not as simple after testing. The “staff” default group doesn’t have a “primary group” option.

If you set an icon, it will appear next to the avatar as long as the user doesn’t belong to any “primary” group.

If they do, and the “primary group” setting is removed from this second group, the staff flair doesn’t appear instead, which seems weird (buggy?). It might have been raised before…

Here on meta, we have a team group, which is not the Staff group, and is used for our lil’ discourse flair among other things.


I think you have to create a custom group to mirror the staff one if you’d like to add a flair: Make staff users more recognizable with customized avatars, posts, and mentions


I’m not so sure about this. Unless I am misunderstanding things or missing something obvious - I have a test user that is a moderator (staff), but belongs to a custom super users primary group (that does not have a flair) and I set up a custom image avatar for staff that shows up without a problem.

I believe the flair visibility to other users depends on these two settings here (I’m not sure if it should but it seems to when I test it with various test users):

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I created a new custom group and added all our team members to it. Then I added a flair image and set the group to primary.

The stuff now has avatar with flair image. Thank you.

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There’s a guide about user flairs:

I’ll read and review it to see if some useful info needs to be added :slight_smile:

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