Changing the default System account user name


Each time the Discourse container is rebuilt the System account user name reverts to “system”. Is it possible to change it permanently to something else?


Changing the system username isn’t recommended, it may lead to problems such as site breakage, my question is why do you want to change it?


Since the default System user sends automated messages to other users, I wanted do give it a more friendly name. Should I rather create a new user and list it as “site contact username”?

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

That’s what the setting is for!


Is the setting safe? @Noah751’s comment here and an earlier topic both mention potential problems, though it isn’t clear if those problems actually still exist:

I can see that I can do it, but I’m not confident that it’s safe to do so. Does anybody have any more recent info on this?



I haven’t heard much discussion about this in a while, I still don’t think it is safe to change the system username.

(Stephen) #7

Specifying an alternative account is safe, altering system is not.

Be aware that if you specify a new user that isn’t a person you will need to check the PMs and stuff, otherwise users could interact with it and never get a response.

Part of why system is looks and is named the way it is serves to deter such stuff.