Changing `system` account email

(David Collantes) #1

The system account on my play install had the email no_email. As an admin, I tried changing it, but misspell it. When I tried to change it again, it tells me “We’ve sent an email to that address. Please follow the confirmation instructions.” What now?

Is it a bug? Shouldn’t the system (or whatever one decides to rename it to) be exempt of email confirmations/verifications?

How to login to system user (what's the password of user "system")?
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(Matt Palmer) #2

Why are you changing the system account’s e-mail address?

(David Collantes) #3

I wasn’t changing it, even though I wrote “changing.” My mistake. What was on the email field, no_email wasn’t an email address, so I was simply setting an email for it. It has a little pencil icon, it allowed me to enter an email address. If I weren’t supposed to set it, why was I allowed to?

(David Collantes) #4

I was able to correct the incorrectly entered email (just suddenly allowed me), but email confirmation to that account is never received. Email is working fine for everything else.

I strongly recommend the system account be make really special (no preferences, nothing else). As an admin, one can impersonate system and I can see it as if it were a regular user. It seems it isn’t.

(Chris Beach) #6

When I last impersonated system, I found that users had sent private messages to it, expecting to reach the admin team.

Yet no admins had received a notification of this. It was pure luck I randomly chose to impersonate system and see the messages.

Personally, I think messages sent to system should become group PMs that include all admins, and maybe moderators.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #7

I’ve found that using the setting site contact username is the best approach in this case.

(Chris Beach) #8

I did indeed do that (the site contact username is me).

But for official site posts (example), we change ownership to “system” to make it clear that they represent the site and are not personally related to any one admin/moderator.

It would be great to continue to do so, and to have any PMs sent to “system” turn into group PMs to the moderators

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #9

Oh, so tha’s why.

Discourse has a (somewhat hidden) feature for that.

Click on the post wrench and Add Staff Color to make an official announcement. You may need to style this post type to better fit your design.

That way you can use real people for announcements and your readers can differentiate when you are talking as a member or as the admin.

(Chris Beach) #10

That is a good feature which we use fully - We re-styled these to be used to highlight moderation “interventions”. Example:

The CSS adds a gold outline around the avatar and changes the user title text to “Moderator”

(David Collantes) #11

Share that snippet, please. I like it!

(Chris Beach) #12
.post-stream .moderator a.main-avatar img {
    border: 2px inset yellow; margin-top: -2px; margin-left: -2px;
    box-shadow: 0px 0px 2px #880;
.post-stream .moderator .names, .post-stream .moderator .topic-body .names span a {
    color: #880;
.post-stream .moderator .topic-body {
    background-color: #ffffea;
.post-stream .moderator span.user-title {
    display: none;
.post-stream .moderator .names:after {
    content: "Moderator";