Changing the language of my discourse instance after initial install

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I’m on a pro hosted instance and it was initially installed in English. Although the interface language setting works great (and the default is to French), the text content & email templates are in English. As far as I know these are not translated depending on the user lang. So I’d like to switch them to French.

  • Is there a better way than CTRL-C from the i18n source to my discourse admin ?
  • If no, I cannot to find system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template in French anywhere, does it mean it does not exist ?

Thanks for your help !

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(Régis Hanol) #2

Unfortunately no.

Seems like it hasn’t been translated yet :frowning:

(Bedhed) #3

Fair enough ! I’ll be translating it for all then, extra careful mode on :wink:
And CTRL-V it is !
Thanks :heart:

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