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Hi friends.

I am doing a new discourse setup and found that the About page (faqs, terms of service, and privacy) is in Chinese (also some default posts). It seems that the discourse is created under a Chinese network.

Is there any settings that help change the default language so they just turn into the English version?

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and is there any way I can delete the official topics

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I think this topic may be useful:


The seeded categories, FAQs, and terms of service come in Chinese and this really bothers me. That would be great work to translate all back into English.

What do you mean “before bootstrapping in the container”? The discourse page is created already and I am wondering if there still any way to deal with this problem.

And it seems that this section is removed now?

Any place I can find the full documents of the latest faqs, terms of service, and privacy content in English so that I can copy and paste manually?


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Have you tried this? If you run [YourSite]/wizard and select the version of English you want it should translate it all for you. :+1: (and there’s no need to do all the wizard steps. Just ‘next’ and ‘finish’)

Not sure why your site is in Chinese by default though?

And, if you still need it, this is found here:

(I’ve moved these over to your #support topic to keep it all together :+1:)


Thanks a lot. The replace text button helps!


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