Changing the notification email with NON self-hosted discourse

At the moment, my forum (hosted by a discourse-provided server) is using the default email for communication to users. The one, to be clear.

Say I want that email to be branded and change it to something like to make it easier for users to understand who they are getting invites/notifications from.

Can this be done on a NON self-hosted discourse instance?

If not, is there anyway of going around it with some email forwarding mechanism?

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As far as I know the answer to both questions is no, unless you’re on an Enterprise tier.

That said, this question is best directed at the official support channels.


Thank you @Stephen, that is very correct. Custom email sending addresses are only available on our Enterprise plans.

@albtuz Feel free to reach out to us using the contact details on your admin dashboard if you have any other queries regarding your plan or hosting.