How do I change the email "FROM" address?

Emails sent by my discourse are currently being sent “from”:

I need to change this to

I’ve been all over the admin panel and app.yml but can’t seem to find this setting anywhere? :thinking:

notification email setting?

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No, that currently contains my personal email address:

It’s this email address I need to change, on the digest emails that are sent out, lost passwords, etc:

Now I’m wondering if I have some weird kinda email setup in place from a few years ago which I can’t now remember :grimacing:

Weird. I don’t know much about email stuff, but the emails that my multiple Discourse forums send use the notification email address I set.

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Ok, I’ll give it a try - again, can’t help wondering if I have something odd in place.


Notification email is what discourse puts in the from line. If you have something else, then my guess is that your MTA is rewriting the from line.


My screen shots above seem to show that not being the case? :thinking:

But yes, I too can’t help thinking I set up something funky on sendgrid years ago, and have since forgotten :grimacing: