Changing topic tracking status on iOS Safari locks up page

I first saw this on this morning, and was able to reproduce here on just now.

On latest iOS in Safari I’d open the menu for changing the tracking status of a topic through the timeline view (this bug does not happen when using the tracking button from the bottom of the topic). Once I select Watching/Tracking/etc., the page locks up and I can’t close the menu or navigate away from the topic. I cannot even refresh the page. The only way to continue using the instance of Discourse is to close the tab and open a new one.


Not sure I understand what you mean here, care to share a screenshot or recording?

Which one specifically? iOS 13 or iOS 14 beta?

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Latest iOS 13.

Notice in the below picture that the timeline is up on the right. That’s the view this happens in.


I can reproduce the issue on Tested with my iPad (iOS 13.6.)


This is an odd issue, but it should be fixed now via, thanks for the report @seanblue.