Changing tracking state of group inbox updates your own tracking state instead

As an administrator, you can see the tracking state another user has for a group inbox. You can also update it, which is useful because the default is just “Tracking”. However, this updating no longer works.

Reproduction steps:

  • Be an administrator. Be in a group. Have another user that is also in the group.
  • Visit /users/the-other-user/messages/group/the-group.
  • See the tracking state in the upper-right corner. It is accurate.
  • Update the tracking state.

Expected result:

The user’s tracking state for this group is updated. Your tracking state for this group is unaffected.

Actual result:

The update appears to be successful (value changes, no error, no errors in console). However, reloading the page reveals that the change was not saved. But /my/messages/group/the-group will now show the tracking state you set – you accidentally updated your own tracking state!

For reference: Already mentioned here.


Fixed per