Group inbox not updated when another user archives a message from the inbox

I was just showing someone the group inbox. They shared their screen and I was looking at the same group inbox view separately on my screen. They archived a message and, as expected, were returned to the group inbox where the message they just archived was gone. On my screen I expected the message to disappear as well but it did not. I had to click away and return to the inbox to see the updated message list without the moved message.

I suspect the same thing happens when someone deletes a message etc.

I’m not quite sure what the practical implications of this are and if it’s going to present any real problems. But I wanted to let you know for whenever group messaging gets some love and attention from the discourse team. :heart_eyes_cat:


I would really hate this proposed feature, as I dislike it when topics on my screen change and I didn’t make that change happen.

Imagine Lucy pulling the football out from in front of Charlie Brown – “I was gonna click on that topic… and NOPE gone”


Yep. What he said. But it also is a bit weird for changes not to be reflected in the inbox. I can see benefits either way…it’s cool and masaively helpful to see posts updating in real time, for example. But I’m not too worried about this issue and happy to not see this changed for now.