Character Bio Limit

I have a user that asked to up the character limit for his Bio beyond 3000 characters. (About Me/ Bio).

I couldn’t find a setting to change that value. Is that exposed anywhere?

Looks to me like it’s hard coded at 3000:

Perhaps add a new site setting? Seems reasonable to me.

I think that it’ll break the formatting. You might check out the featured topic profile setting.

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This is the first request ever that I can remember to increase the bio character limit.

Have they considered inserting a link to a topic on the forum that expands on things, instead?


It’s a ‘magic number’ that’s hard coded in the code base. I don’t fully understand why changing the limit will break formatting, but the typical behavior would be expose variables like this to the user to limit/expand as desired.

I understand there are workarounds, I’m already using all of those, I was looking to see if there was support to expand the Bio rather then direct the user elsewhere.

If it’s not supported that’s fine. It would be a nice to have IMO. Honestly every magic number you hard code should probably be configurable by the user.