Extending character limit beyond 99000

I realise that for most usage cases this isn’t going to be useful, but I was wondering :

  • Why 99000 specifically? Is it technical limitation?
  • Can we raise that value further as an admin (with a message explaining any consequences)?

I’m running 2 discourse instances, one is a private wiki and the other is a public forum. People have hit this limit in both.
It is possible to seperate the topic post in to seperate replies yes, but its not ideal to do this - and crucially for the wiki renders the DiscoTOC; automatic table of contents plugin unusable (Which is exactly what we need for long wikis).

Finally. Is there a way that I can delve into the docker image and override this setting if it can’t be raised as part of the discourse code?

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The largest consequence of raising this too high is that cooking markdown can get pretty expensive on enormous documents.

The limit is kind of arbitrary, I do not think anything would explode in fire if you raised it to 200k or 300k in a very controlled environment.

The only clean way to override this line: discourse/site_settings.yml at 3610709b6cf859f674a02394f1430bb51f68d117 · discourse/discourse · GitHub is in a custom plugin. The upside is that the plugin is kind of trivial.

I have seen requests once or twice to raise our “max” limit, but it certainly is not a common request.


Unfortunately I have never written a line of ruby code in my life, so I have no idea how to do that. Sys admin stuff easy peasy, but coding leaves me queasy.

I reckon someone could build this plugin for you in about 1 hour, so a budget of $50-$200 on #marketplace would land you this change easily.

I strongly don’t recommend forking here for the change this will place your forums at great long term risk, container hacking is going to break web updates.