Character count when writing description

Is there a way to show character count while writing a description?
I got this plugin, but the drawback is this sets a minimum number of characters and I want to show the number of characters used.

In the below screenshot, it’s “20 characters required”, I want it as “Character Count: 300”

Please get in touch if anyone can help in tweaking the code.


This suggestion is what I came to post and what led me to this existing topic. I’ve been setting up my site all week and adding categories and descriptions. The suggestion from the UI to keep the initial description near or under 200 characters is good advice. I’d like to see a character count when I’m in editing mode!

I’ve been resorting to writing descriptions in an editor that can show me the character count and pasting the finalized text back into the Discourse description.


Hello, I am also interested in this question.
In itself, the core of Discourse has a notification function; if a person enters a smaller number of characters than set by the site administrator, then a notification is displayed about the need to comply with the minimum number of characters. Therefore, I think that this plugin would be much more useful if it could display not only the minimum number of characters, but also the maximum, and it would not be superfluous if it showed the number of characters already entered. I hope I was able to convey my thoughts (I use Google translation)

I would like to add my thoughts. Displaying characters as written above would work well when using plugins that integrate artificial intelligence into Discourse, such as Chatbot(@merefield) and Discourse AI(@Falco). Those who have interacted with artificial intelligence tools will understand the need for such a function as controlling the number of characters when composing a request to artificial intelligence - each symbol costs money :sweat_smile:

This does both:

(and is loosely based on the original discourse plugin).


This is a fantastic addition! Removes the need of the plugin and opens to a broader audience for use!


Greetings, indeed a crucial element of the subject, it’s simply splendid!


Looks good. I need a little help with learning how to implement it.

Have a look at the guides about theme components
Beginner's guide to using Discourse Themes
Install a theme or theme component

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Thanks. I got that far on my own. And I have installed themes and components before. But I couldn’t figure out which URL to stick in there. I tried

And another URL I drilled down for there was my second attempt.

When neither worked, I decided to ask. was just guessing wildly, you see.

[Edited: I now figured it out. What to add is this:
That worked. Thank you! ]

You can install it with this URL: :+1:

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