Chat activity in Community health / Reports data

Hi there,

How do “Chat Channels” and “Personal chat” feed into Community Health / Reports data?

As far as I’m aware they don’t. Are there plans to enhance/modify the Community Health dashboard to take into account things happening in chat?

Thanks for your advice and help.


There aren’t any existing reports for chat usage, but I agree this is something we’ll need to add in the not too distant future. In the meantime, some data explorer queries might be able to help find what you need.

What kind of information about chat usage would you find particularly helpful to have quicker access to?


Hi @mcwumbly, thanks for your reply.

I think it’s one of those situations where a tool gives you the data and then you go, “Ah, that’s handy!” as opposed to a huge desire for stats.

Yet perhaps it would be interesting to see the following:

  • Volume of channel chat over various timeframes (a count)
  • Volume of Personal chat (a count)
  • Total chat reactions across all chat channels and on specific chat channels
  • Number of topics referenced
  • Count of chat turned into topic discussions
  • Count of first time chat users
  • Chat run streaks e.g. this person chats at least 4 days of the week
  • League tables of user chat activity

If more ideas pop in I’ll be sure to add them.