Include Chat stats in Discourse Yearly Review

Should we include stats from Chat (if installed) in the Discourse Yearly Review?

For example:

  • Most messages
  • Most reactions gave
  • Most reactions recived

That’s an interesting one. I’m not sure how that would work if chat is only kept for 90 days? I don’t know if there’s some record of the numbers kept somewhere? @mcwumbly may know more…

Wost comes to worst every 90 days (Or what an admin configures it to) it counts how many messages are from each person and adds it to a count.

I think this probably makes sense, but I don’t think this is too high on the list at the moment.

Similarly, I think there are metrics about participation in the admin dashboard that don’t yet reflect chat activity which we may want to look into.

But my sense is that we have more important things to tackle with chat first.