Chat usage reports endpoint

Is there an endpoint for reports related to chat activity? I’m interested in the number of messages sent in total, the number of messages per channel, and maybe even the number of reactions in total/each channel.

I don’t see any chat-related reports in admin/dashboard/reports, but perhaps there’s already a way to access that data through API calls. If not, do you plan to add it?

If there’s an endpoint or you do plan to add it, can I also ask whether the report data retention will be tied to the chat channel retention days (as is done with # of emails sent)? As I argued with emails, I think it makes sense to keep the statistics on chat usage even if the content of messages is deleted after N days, so I’d like to request that if this endpoint is made, it’s not tied to that setting.

There is a feature topic about that Chat activity in Community health / Reports data

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