Chat message separator text is not translated

Where can I translate like today or change 12 hour am/pm to 24 hour time? Well, I know where I should translate, but I can’t find right terms :smile:


Hi @Jagster :slightly_smiling_face: Did you manage to find where you needed to make this change?

Thank’s for asking, but no. I know how to edit and change terms via admin, but I can’t find time related ones — or I couldn’t, because I haven’t check those after date of OP.

Chat doesn’t follow interface language either. Not a big issue, and I’m sure it will be fixed when chat start to be closer finish line :wink:

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You won’t be able to translate it, but it should translate itself. I will dig out why it’s not the case ATM.


This will now be possible to translate it:

As all our plugins, it’s only translated in english, but more should be done in the coming weeks.

Thanks for report :+1:


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