Chat notification email text doesn't work with dark logo

Minor little thing, the You have a new chat message below the logo is black, but when you have a dark logo it’s nearly invisible. Can this be inverted or not included in the logo area?

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What do other (non-chat) email notifications from your site look like?

I think we should aim for consistency, but we may have cut some corners in the initial pass at this to get something working, and there may be some limitations to overcome since chat is a plugin - not really sure, just making some guesses at the moment.

I also need to refamiliarize myself with how these emails are styled for other notifications (and what control folks do and don’t have to customize that).

I haven’t seen this issue with other notification emails, and it seems to be a new layout for the chat notifications. Regular notifications do not have a logo, so there is an inconsistency here.

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So I asked around a bit more about this, and the intent is for chat notifications to be styled a bit closer to how “digests” are styled, since we may roll up several chat notifications from different channels or direct messages into one email

With that in mind, @davidkingham, how do your current digest emails look?

They look like this, so the text should be using tertiary if I’m not mistaken

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Thanks! This should help us get to the bottom of it when it gets to the top of our list.