Chat reaction emoji picker can scroll with the page

When selecting reactions in the chat, the emoji picker can scroll with the page, as shown in the picture

How to reproduce:

  1. Try to add reaction in the chat channel
  2. Scroll the page

i can’t seem reproduce this on any of my devices. for me the emoji picker sits on top and the scrolling is separate and behind it.

edit: i misunderstood your post and yea i can reproduce.

Hey Linca :blob_wave:

I can repro the issue:


Maybe I should use a video to explain…

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That sound track, were you in the middle of a blizzard with your laptop or something? :laughing:

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Oh damn gaming laptop fan I forgot to disable the sound :innocent:

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oh that’s weird now i see it. i can do that for sure on my windows chrome desktop. that’s buggy. lol

haha the sound is hilarious. i almost posted a repro video once that had my dog barking like crazy in the background, but luckily i caught it right as i was about to post. he’s a very loud dog :joy:

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