Emoji picker cut! Is there a way to make the picker emoji grow sideways, instead of growing upwards?

I have an annoying problem, when the users of my forum click to choose the reaction they are going to use in the post, the emoji picker appears with a very large height, with that in the first post, some reaction emojis are cut, like emoji picker grow sideways instead of growing upwards?

emoji picker (firts post)

emoji picker (other posts)

i am definitely no expert on reactions because i don’t use them on my site. but i suspect you might be able to edit and override some of the properties of the discourse-reactions-picker with CSS:

.discourse-reactions-picker  {
    position: absolute;
    inset: auto auto 0px 0px;
    margin: 0px;
    transform: translate(172px, -28px);
    width: [insert width here];
    height:  [insert height here];