Chat UX comments

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Why does CHANNELS have a pencil and PERSONAL CHAT have a plus sign?

It was frustratingly non-obvious to me that the pencil sign was to join (or leave or preview) chats

It would be good if there were a back button or some navigation from this page. Swipe left is easy enough to guess but only just.

It would be good if there a join icon on this page instead of having to type a message - possibly unwelcome nonsense :slight_smile: - to join the chat

The blue link on this page leads to an "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." message

The back button here goes to the Channels/Personal chat page instead of the Preview/Join/Leave that I came from

I think the emoji selector needs one extra character to be typed after the colon (compared with the forum).

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I would have added the “chat” tag to this but am unable.


It would be nice if a link to a chat post (if that’s the terminology) would show a preview/onebox.