Discourse AI - Summarization

This topic covers the configuration of the Summarization module of the Discourse AI plugin.

Feature set

Adds an option to summarize a topic using AI alongside the Summarize this topic existing feature. Also, it lets you do the same for chat channels, allowing you to view a summary of messages sent from the last hours to the previous seven days.

Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 13.06.56

Summary of the last week of a chat channel. Made using the Open Source models.

Summary of The State of JavaScript on Android in 2015 is... poor made using claude-v1


This model can use the following providers for it’s feature set:

  • Open Source: A collection of HuggingFace models, bart-large-cnn-samsum (default), flan-t5-base-samsum and long-t5-tglobal-base-16384-book-summary.

  • OpenAI ChatGPT, using either gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt-4.

  • Anthropic Claude, using the claude-v1 model.


  • ai_summarization_model: Enables or disables the module

  • ai_summarization_model: Which AI model to use. Defaults to bart-large-cnn-samsum.

  • ai_openai_api_key: An API key obtained at OpenAI API. Necessary if ai_summarization_model is either gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt-4

  • ai_anthropic_api_key: An API key obtained at Getting access to Claude - Docs. Necessary if ai_summarization_model is claude-v1.

  • ai_summarization_discourse_service_api_endpoint: Not needed in CDCK hosting. Check Discourse AI - Self-Hosted Guide if self-hosting Discourse.

  • ai_summarization_discourse_service_api_key: Not needed in CDCK hosting. Check Discourse AI - Self-Hosted Guide if self-hosting Discourse.


is there a threshold for the AI summary to show up? I’m not seeing that box at all.

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At the moment it only shows in topics with > 50 posts, but we are working on showing on all topics this week.

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Hmmm. I’m not seeing it even on e.g. Fedora Workstation Front Page Revamp (first cut, looking for feedback!) - Fedora Discussion, with 173 posts. Did I misconfigure something?

I see it

Have you refreshed the page?

Hmmm, yeah, still no. I’m also not seeing it. Tried in Chrome, too, where I am unlikely to ever have loaded that page. I need to go now… I’ll try to diagnose later.

Oh, yeah — there it is! Just hard to find with a long, detailed first post like that. It’d be nice to also have it on the side with the other summarize button.

Also this:


Does the issue persist after a refresh? We refactored the endpoint a couple of weeks ago to support both chat channels and topic summaries. I did a quick check and confirmed target_type is passed in the request for both scenarios.

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Works on desktop in Firefox. Fails in mobile (Chrome PWA on Android.)

Also, the actual summary I got:

As part of the fedora website revamp project, @Aday has created a mockup of the front page for the Fedora workstation. It’s a static mockup, but as the various pages are mocked up, the links will start being clickable and navigable thanks to the new floss tool we are using for this.

… commits a cardinal sin in open source work – misattribution, or at least, under-attribution. (aday did some initial concepts, but the work here is that of the topic poster.)


Is it still limited to only posts with > 50 replies? We are looking to use this to summarize meeting notes on Discourse, which might have no replies at all.

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We plan on making it work with all topics by next week or so.