Checklist Plugin - collaborative list vs. personal list

As I understand the checklist plugin, it’s about working collaboratively on a checklist:
Changes (checked / unchecked) are then visible to all users.
That’s nice functionality. But sometimes you also want to have the function that every visitor to the topic can tick off their personal list.

Would that be a nice addition as another option for using checkboxes?

You could use the Discourse-reply-template-component, create the checklist for each person to use as a template in the OP.

Then when a person comes to the topic, they can create a reply with the checklist template to use personally.

Not sure if that solves your problem or not, but it sounds like it could be one way to do so!

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Thanks for your answer.
In our scenario, the completed checklist would really only be relevant for the individual user, I’m afraid the template variant doesn’t fit. The checked checkboxes do not even have to be cached. I will probably just implement it with Emoji or Unicode checkboxes, even if you unfortunately cannot click (and tick) them then.