This theme component will let you easily reuse part of a post in a reply or a new topic.

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[wrap=template key="template-name"]
My reusable content

- [ ] task 1
- [ ] task 2

key is mandatory

Other options

  • action="create" this will make the button open a composer to create a new topic, instead of replying
  • categoryId="2" only usable with action="create", will set the category of the opened composer


You can have special keys in your template which will get replaced:

  • $week_start -> date at the beginning of the week
  • $week_end -> date at the end of the week
  • $prev_week_start -> date at the start of previous week
  • $prev_week_end -> date at the end of previous week
  • $tomorrow

Note that this will be replace by local dates.

Tags list

tagsList=":heart:,foo,#bar" will show a least of checkboxes at the end of the template so people can tag their post easily.


My todo list $week_end

  • task 1
  • task 2

I was wondering can this be used in a specific category/sub?

Ie bug reporting form?

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Yes :arrow_down:

[wrap=template key="bug-report" action="create" categoryId="your-bug-category-id"]


Thank you will need to explore this more.

This is the best. Thank you!! I use this to create checklist templates that can be created anytime we’re doing a repetitive project. Before, our instructions would have been “copy and paste everything below” instead of having this very elegant button to create a topic for people.


Is there a plan to make this functionality accessible in the composer window? To me the most logical place being where things like Hide Details and Build Poll live.


I just updated the component, see OP for usage but a quick note:

  • placeholder dates are now replaced by local dates
  • you can now define a tagsList


Thank you for a great component!

It’s impossible to add a poll in the wrap. Can you add this functionality?

[wrap=template key="template-name"]

[poll type=regular results=on_vote chartType=bar]
# Who will join?
* 1
* 2
* 3


I added more locales to your component and created a PR. Please, check.

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