Choose avatar from limited selection?

So you can set Discourse to allow user uploaded avatars. You can also set up Discourse to have custom default avatars. But does anyone know of a good way to allow users to select avatars from a limited set of custom avatars?

We want to allow our users to be able to select their avatars, but we want their options to be limited to the characters in our game (there are somewhere around 200 and counting, so it’s not a very limited set). Does anyone know of an example of someone doing this in Discourse or have any good ideas for how to accomplish it?

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Right now that feature isn’t available. You can only set a list of default avatars that will be randomly affected to new users.

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I assumed so. Maybe my team could hack it somehow and contribute a plugin of some sort…


3 years in the making, but we got it done :wink:


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