Choosing the right icons

This is wonderful, thank you!

How do you set which style of an icon to choose? For example, the Font Awesome icon “copyright” has a solid and regular form. I’d like to use the solid one.

What do I do if an icon doesn’t show up? Right now everything works except for “cuttlefish”, for example.

I accidentally hit the reset button multiple times. Is there a way for us to save our settings so that if I accidentally hit reset, I don’t lose all those settings?

For most icons, you can use the far- prefix to pick the regular icon. By default, without a prefix, the icon style used will be solid. However, the copyright icon is a bit of an exception, because the old FA4 icon has been renamed to the FA5 regular version, and we have a mapping in core that essentially forces both copyright and far-copyright to use the regular style.

I think we can soon fix this, you’ll soon be able to correctly use the solid style for the copyright icon.

For “cuttlefish”, did you try adding “fab-cuttlefish”? This is a brand icon, hence the fab- prefix. Make sure you add this to both setting fields.


Thanks, @pmusaraj, this worked perfectly.

What are your thoughts on the question above?

I just merged a fix for this in core, you would need to rebuild your site to see the changes.


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